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Virginia Jennings,


I have attended Ebenezer since my mother brought me as a baby. I grew up in Ebenezer and then raised my children in Ebenezer because this church is family. And whether you have been coming a lifetime or just a few weeks, the folks at Ebenezer will make you feel like family too! We love each other and we love the Lord! We welcome you and may we serve the Lord together!

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Kate Wilson,

age 26


I have been going to Ebenezer for a year now. I came because I feel it challenges me and places where I can grow my skills. They have treated me like family. Through the good and bad. It feels refreshing. 

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Beverly Puckett,


Ebenezer is a warm, loving and caring fellowship of believers! It’s welcoming to all who come to worship and study God’s Holy word. I grew up here and raised my family here because I wanted them to grow in the knowledge of the Lord and learn to serve Him. If you are looking for a church home, I invite you to come and join us at Ebenezer! You will be blessed!

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Jacklyn Harris,

age 25


I have attended Ebenezer for eight years. I really enjoy the positive community along with the love and support I receive from fellow members. This church has multiple age groups and encourages diversity. 

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I recently visited this church during COVID-19 and I feel this congregation is respectfully abiding by CDC guidelines. I was nervous to attend because of personal health reasons. I will continue to attend services online because of this but I was very happy with how clean the sanctuary was and how they encouraged social distancing. 

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